Sign4200 Tanker with Toolbar Attachment is a Winner!


Hausner Farms in Sauk City, WI was bought by Karl and Hermine Hausner in November of 1985 with just 44 dairy cows. Over the years, the operation has grown to over 4,000 acres and 2,800 head of cattle. Rich Annen has been managing the farm for the past 19 years.

In July of 2017, Rich purchased a Patz 4200 Walking Beam Liquid Manure Tanker from his local Patz dealer. He quickly put the tanker to work. Rich said, “I know that since we’ve purchased the Patz tanker, and before putting it away for the winter, we’ve run over 4 million gallons of manure through it. So far we just love how it works.” They spread manure on corn, wheat, and hay ground. Everything except 600 acres of corn is used as feed for their cattle.

Patz Liquid Manure Tankers come with several standard features, including a rock trap, which Rich was thankful to have, and a rear tool bar mount that supports popular attachments – including injectors. Rich took advantage of this and mounted a Bazooka Farmstar Toolbar Injector onto the rear of his Manure Tanker. Rich appreciates that he had the option to add a toolbar to his tanker, “We bought the Bazooka tool bar with the Patz tanker and really love the way it incorporates the manure right in [the ground]. Works especially well when applied to hay ground. Doesn’t disturb the ground and yet gets the manure [in].”

Tanker FrontThe maneuverability of the Patz tanker impressed Rich compared to other brands he’s owned in the past. He says the Patz “seems to hold its ground better on our hilly terrain.” He commented on the low maintenance overall of the machine and the ease of getting to areas for regular maintenance. Rich really is impressed at the high-volume, front impeller which pumps the manure quickly out of the tanker. The speed at which the tanker unloads has ended up saving the farm time and increasing their production. He expects the payback period for the tanker to be about 2 years.

Rich enjoyed working with his local dealer, Ron Bindl, of Bindl Sales & Service Inc. Rich knows that Ron sold him a great tanker at a fair price, and he would recommend both his Patz Dealer, and his Patz Manure Tanker, to others.


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