Patz Pumps – Fast & Efficient!

In operation since 1871, Luck Farms has withstood the test of time. Jon Luck and his son Adam are the fifth and sixth generations to own and operate a three-farm location in Burnett, Wisconsin. They earn their living by milking dairy cows, raising steers, and growing cash crops.

No stranger to quality Patz equipment, Jon knew a Patz pump would be the right fit for his operation. Having trusted Patz Silo Unloaders and Barn Cleaners in the past, Jon was confident in the Patz name. “Patz equipment stands the test of time,” states Jon.

Luck chose to invest in a Patz 6000 Pit Pump to meet his manure-handling needs, and was very pleased to find his new pump to be “fast and efficient”. He can now load manure directly from the pump into the manure spreader, and it “fills the spreader in 1-1/2 minutes!” That is a huge improvement from the 12 minutes it previously took to load the manure with a skid steer.

With their Patz pump, the Lucks are able to save 100 hours a year in labor! In addition, the farmers have reduced the amount of wear and tear on their skid loader. Perhaps most importantly, “We don’t smell like manure anymore!” Jon said.

After experiencing savings in time, labor, and equipment costs, Jon only wishes that he would have “bought [the Patz 6000 Pit Pump] years ago!”


As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.