Sand-Laden Manure No Match for Patz Tundra™ Pro Pump


John Lasee is the third generation on his family’s dairy in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. John, who purchased the dairy from his father in 1985, expanded it from 14 heifers to a herd of 125 milking cows and over 100 youngstock.

While most dairies have an average herd age of less than four years old, the average cow in the Lasee herd is over six years old! With an older herd, cow comfort is an even bigger priority for John. “We breed for high components in our herd. Our fat test runs at 4.2% butterfat and 3.2% protein. Paying attention to details is critical, and one of the keys to cow comfort and longevity is comfortable freestalls bedded with sand,” John said.

Although sand bedding keeps cows comfortable, it can take a toll on manure handling equipment. When John expanded his manure storage facilities, he purchased a Patz 2016 Tundra™ Pro Hydraulic Pump to handle his sand-laden manure.

Since the installation, John appreciates how simple manure handling has become and realizes how much time and labor he has save with his purchase. “The pump has a simple, heavy-duty design and low HP requirements. We’ve had absolutely no problems with the Patz pump,” he stated. Clean and healthy, his Holstein herd has an SCC average of 100,000.

With healthier, happier cows, thanks in part to the Patz 2016 Tundra™ Pro Hydraulic Pump, the Lasees are able to focus on other parts of their farm. The Lasees look forward to many years of reliable performance from their Tundra™ Pump.


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