Patz Provides 40+ Years of Manure-Handling Mechanization!

Wichman BarnWichman Farms, Inc. is a fourth generation dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin. Established in 1916 on just 117 acres, the addition of labor-saving equipment has allowed the dairy to grow to 718 acres and 510 total head, while still being operated exclusively by family members.

The first of the farm’s labor-saving equipment, a Patz Cattle Feeder, was installed by second generation dairyman Roy Wichman in 1969. Realizing the potential labor savings, Roy chose to automate another labor-intensive farm task: manure handling. The farm’s first automated manure handling equipment, a Patz 400 Gutter Cleaner, was installed in 1971, with a second unit added in 1973.

Wichman Scraper

Forty years and two farm expansions later, the Wichman family continues to rely on Patz manure-handling equipment! The dairy, now milking in a robotic, sand-bedded facility, is home to a total of 5 working gutter cleaners, multiple Patz manure pumps and agitators, and an IntelliCable® Alley Scraper System.

 With a long history of proven performance on their dairy, the Wichmans are not shy about giving credit where due. “When deciding on changes to our operation, labor savings is our main consideration,” the family shares, “the Patz equipment has done the job in that department.”


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