“Using Patz Equipment for Over 54 Years!”


Ken and Marie McNabb own Callumlea Farm, a 60+ cow dairy, together in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada. They have milked cows on this farm for 11 years.  Their love and knowledge of agriculture helps keep them active in the community. Ken has been a 4-H leader for 39 years in two counties.  His wife Marie is Farmer Director for a dairy coop of over 1200 members.  They have three sons; two have graduated from Agriculture school, and the third is going to school to be a Mechanical Engineer who plans on working within the Agriculture field.  Two of his sons plan on returning to the farm at least part time.  

The farm has gone through many changes and upgrades throughout the years.  Ken’s father renovated the stables in the fall of 1962 and put in a Patz Stable Cleaner.  One thing remains the same through all of these modifications.  Ken states, “We have used a piece of Patz equipment every day from that fall of 1962.”

The farm was previously expanded and the herd size was able to double.  Last year, McNabb built a brand new barn to replace the 1869 bank barn they had, and says they have room to double the herd again.

In reference to the new barn, Ken says, “It was about the cows first.”  He wanted to create a comfortable environment for the cows first and foremost.  His new free stall barn uses sand bedding to increase cow comfort.  The barn also has three big doors so virtually all the animals will be able to go outside and get fresh air.  Some cows will go to pasture, while others will have a dry lot.  Callumlea Farm’s new barn is bigger, brighter, easier to work in, and most importantly, the cows are happier and more relaxed inside. callumlea 3

                Using sand bedding for the cows provides a comfortable environment, but the used bedding is hard on his equipment.  He ended up purchasing a Patz Intellichain® Alley Scraper with a V-plow.  “From what I understand, the best thing we can get for sand. Well built, and they work very well,” Ken continues, “We’ve had no issues with them in the time that we’ve run the barn other than regular maintenacallumlea 2nce and greasing.”

                Callumlea Farm also boasts a Patz 800 Series 350 cu. ft. Trailer Vertical Mixer to ease work load.  Their TMR consists of corn silage, haylage, dry corn, supplement, and feed mill pellets.  All grains used in his recipe are grown on the farm.  The herd averages 38 kilos (around 10 gallons) of milk per day using a robotic milking system with 4% milk fat and 3.3% protein.  The Patz mixer helps save valuable time and labor.  He states, “We’ve always had good luck with Patz equipment and we like the quality.  We’re real happy with the way everything is working.  It’s easy to maintain and run.” 

                Ken knows that his local dealer, Embro Farm Systems, Inc., is a great resource to go to for support or new products.  Ken praises their incredible service saying, “We liked their work and we hired them.  We bought the best from somebody that we trusted and wanted to work with.”  Ken knows the quality of the products and service provided by his Patz dealer will be up to his high standards.  That is part of the reason why his farm has had Patz products on it for over 54 years.callumlea 4


As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.