Cleaner Barn, Cleaner Cattle – Lower SCC


Jim Krueger counts on his IntelliChain® & IntelliCable® Alley Scrapers to keep his freestall alleys clean.

In 2008, with the addition of a 320′, 4 row, sand bedded freestall barn, Krueger Dairy Farms, LLC (Hilbert, WI) installed two Patz alley scrapers.

The installation included a Patz IntelliChain® System and a Patz IntelliCable® System (with the 3/8″ plastic jacketed cable) to take care of the daily cleaning of the freestall barn alleys. Both of these alley scrapers deposit manure into a cross channel which has the Patz IntelliShuttle® System move the manure to a reception pit. “We had one of the coldest winters ever, and the scrapers and pump worked every day,” stated Jim Krueger, who owns the farm along with his wife Lisa.

Better yet, the herd SCC counts have decreased! SCC counts are now less than 100,000, which means more income for the farm.


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