Chris Warner - Maplehurst Farm

Chris Warner says the ‘bump
feature’ of the Patz MasterMind
Control Panel gives him peace of
mind when it comes to cow safety.

IntelliChain® Alley Scraper is a much-needed upgrade!

Brothers Scott and Chris Warner, along with Scott’s wife and children, run Maplehurst Farm, LLC, in Fabius, NY. The 425 Holstein farm has been in the family since 1968.

Removing manure from the farm’s older barn was starting to become a real chore for the Warners. The original cable alley scraper they bought was high maintenance – costing them time, labor, and about $3,000 a year in replacement parts.

The Warners saw an ad for the Patz IntelliChain® Alley Scraper in a local trade paper. After researching the product, Chris visited a nearby farm to see the IntelliChain® in action. He was impressed with how technologically advanced the Patz unit was compared to their previous one.

3_0 panel

Easy-to-use, glove-friendly SmartSense® MasterMind Control Panel V3.0 provide remote notifications via email and/or text messages!


The Warner family installed a Patz IntelliChain® Alley Scraper in their facility, and have  been very pleased with it. Between cable savings and electricity savings, Scott says it’s like a free alley scraper. One Patz IntelliChain® unit does the work of the Warner’s two old ones. Cow safety is no longer a concern, thanks to the Patz SmartClean® MasterMind Control Panel.


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