IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper Is ‘Quite An Asset To Our Operation’


Keith Habeck, Habeck Homestead Farms

Keith Habeck milks 400 cows and raises his own youngstock at Habeck Homestead Farms LLC, located in Maribel, Wisconsin. Like all successful dairy producers, Keith greatly values cow comfort and herd health on his operation. As such, Keith purchased a Patz IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper System with the innovative SmartSense™ MasterMind Control Panel to keep his milking cows clean and healthy.

Keith’s cows rest comfortably on mattresses covered with chopped straw and/or sawdust in a 500-foot long barn. The IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper is installed in two alleys, one with rubber flooring and one with concrete flooring. Four scrapers are used in this center-drop installation, which has a total circuit length of approximately 1,000 feet. To keep his herd and barn as clean as possible, Keith runs the IntelliChain™ Scraper System continuously.

Keith shared ,“The (SmartSense™) control panel is fairly simple to operate. It has a touch screen on it, and it guides you through a lot of the different programs. If there was an issue overnight, you could look at the fault history…to figure out what happened.” He also remarked about the top-of-the-line safety features, including the BUMP feature, which helps to protect his herd, and the helpfulness of the maintenance screen for scheduling greasing and other maintenance tasks. Compared to his previous alley scraper system, the IntelliChain™ has “a lot less things to grease and maintain. It’s user-friendly for us”.
Keith also appreciates the efficiency of the drive unit, stating that it’s planetary system “uses a ¾-horsepower motor which is more efficient and is an improvement as far as our energy use.”

“Overall, I think it’s quite an asset to the operation,” summarizes Keith, “It’s a more sensitive system, we’ve got a clean barn, and I’m happy to have it in our operation.”

Keith is so impressed with his new IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper System that he already plans to install a second unit for his youngstock!


Seeing Is Believing!
Check out Keith’s video testimonial to see the IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper in action.


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