“Less Maintenance, Less Labor, Better Cow Comfort”


In December of 2013, Cory Weigel, Dairy Enterprise Manager at UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm, replaced a 2007 Patz Cable Alley Scraper with a Patz IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper in one side of his freestall barn.  

Weigel is very pleased with the IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper, which operated without any major issues, despite the brutal winter weather we saw in 2014. The University’s farm is already reaping the benefits of the new system! Weigel notes that there is less maintenance, less labor, and better cow comfort with this system. He is happy with the chain system’s long lifespan, and the single-bolt tension adjustment. Weigel also cites the adjustable scraper speed and easy-to-use touchscreen control panel as great assets to the system.

Impressed with the results, a second IntelliChain® Alley Scraper unit was added to the University’s farm in May 2015!


Update:  UW-Platteville’s Pioneer Farm was recently featured in a Dairy Star article!

Discussing the new alley scraper technology implemented on the farm, Weigel shares, 
“We were replacing cables every six months or so. And it’s a lot easier to tighten the chain system and take out links and adjust it.”




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