Easy Installation and A1® Performance!


Alvin, Kenneth and Norman Steiner of Thorp, Wisconsin, trust the A1® performance of their Patz A1® Single Auger Silo Unloader.

When Kenneth and Susan Steiner were in the market for a new silo unloader for their dairy farm in Thorp, Wisconsin, they knew they could depend on Patz. Kenneth chose to purchase the Patz A1® Single Auger Silo Unloader. The unique, simple design made installation a breeze for Kenneth and his teenage sons.

“As older machines wear out, we’re happy to be able to purchase new A1®s that we can have confidence in to do a good job and on time,” said Kenneth, “We were well satisfied with the A1®’s performance all through winter.”

Kenneth is so satisfied with the performance of his Patz A1® Silo Unloader that he has recommended it to others. He knows that if the need ever arises for repairs or routine maintenance, he can count on his local Patz dealer for reliable service.

For A1® performance in your silo year-round, choose the A1® Single Auger Silo Unloader, available in 7 sizes from 12 – 24 feet.


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