A Golden Opportunity for Increased Production and Components!

Last fall, Joe Speich of Goldcrest Farms contacted his local Patz Dealer, Bindl Sales & Service, to learn more about the Patz Vertical Mixer Series specifically how it could improve feeding efficiencies for their family’s dairy herd located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

Steve-Joe-William Speich

Since putting their Patz 1000 Series Vertical Mixer to work for them, Goldcrest Farms has seen great results in herd health and production. Shown (l to r) Brothers Steve, Joe, and William Speich, owners of Goldcrest Farms.

Goldcrest Farms currently milks 80 cows three times a day with an extra 100 head (heifers and dry cows). It was important for the brothers to find a better way to feed their cows that decreased time spent feeding while simultaneously improving herd nutrition and production. After learning about the new Patz 1000 Vertical Mixer Series’ ability to handle a variety of ingredients and blend them into a consistent TMR from start to finish, the Speich brothers were convinced this was the golden opportunity to purchase their first vertical mixer.

Now, six months since the Speich’s have purchased and used their new Patz Vertical Mixer in their feeding operation, Joe Speich reports, “The mixer mixes very fast. In three to four minutes the entire load is mixed.” He continues, “Cows can’t sort the feed since it is mixed so well. From the first material to the last material discharged out of the mixer, each handful is totally mixed.”

Joe also added that there was an improvement in total pounds of milk immediately after using their new Patz mixer six months ago. But even more noticeable was their protein and butterfat components. “We are maintaining 4.0 butterfat and 3.1 protein averages,” reports Joe. The Speich Brothers would have to agree that after purchasing their Patz Vertical Mixer, this golden opportunity is definitely paying great dividends.


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