Cleans Out Right Down To Almost Nothing


Rich Olson of Olson, LLC.

Brothers Rich and Eric Olson are the fifth generation to own their family’s dairy farm since it was established in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 140 years ago. The brothers milk 100 cows and raise about 100 youngstock on the farm, which is appropriately named Olson, LLC.

To feed their herd, Rich and Eric require a mixer that delivers reliable performance and excellent mix quality, regardless of batch size. To accommodate their operation, they purchased a 420 cubic foot Patz 1200 Series Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer.

Rich and Eric feed three batches a day, including a small 200-pound batch, which they report their Patz 1200 Series processes with ease. They run their mixer with a 30-horsepower motor and a variable frequency drive (VFD) with operator station, which offers low, medium, high, and high boost mixing speeds with the ability to reverse.

Rich said, “We really like the variable frequency drive because it enables us to have a better cleanout at the end. We can clean the mixer out right down to almost nothing. We’re really happy with how it’s performing for us.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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