Intakes, Components Up with Patz Stationary Mixer!


Patz Dealer Ken Wullms (left) with Marilyn, Harry, & Ryan Dykxhoorn.

Harry and Marilyn Dykxhoorn, along with Harry’s brother Ryan, operate Dykholm Farms Ltd. The Brownsville, Ontario dairy is home to 160 cows. After expanding and renovating their dairy, the Dykxhoorns knew they needed to upgrade their feeding methods as well. They purchased a new 615 cubic foot Patz 1200 Series Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer.

Harry and Ryan currently mix two batches a day, which they divide into four daily feedings for high and low groups. They report time, labor, and energy savings with the ability to mix larger batches in less time. It only takes 10 minutes of run time with a diesel engine to mix a whole day’s feedings.

The ration delivered is a better quality, more palatable mix that cows love. In fact, the herd’s intakes have increased by 10-15%! With fewer refusals and minimized sorting, the cows are consuming a more nutritious diet, not to mention wasting less feed.


This Patz 1200 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer keeps the Dykholm Farm herd fed on time!

Based on Canada’s quota system, milk components have an even greater impact on a dairy’s bottom line. Dykholm Farms Ltd. has experienced gains in their herd’s milk quality with their new mixer. According to Harry, they have gone up an impressive 10 points in component values!

The Patz 1200 Series Vertical Mixer is engineered for long life, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation. Harry said, “We like the durability of our Patz equipment. Life is good, and the day seems brighter when nothing breaks down.”

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