“Does A Very Good Job Mixing Both Bulky And Concentrated Feeds”


Duane Moen, Patz Dealer Ryan Brynsaas, and Ron Moen.

Duane Moen and his son Ron run a cow-calf to finish operation in Decorah, Iowa. They finish 150 beef cattle and raise 50 bulls.

Since nutritional requirements vary between cattle, the Moens divide the herd into separate feeding groups. The groups vary in size and ration recipe. Because of this, the Moens require a mixer with the versatility to handle a variety of batch sizes and ration ingredients.

After consulting with their local Patz Dealer, Duane and Ron purchased a 420 cubic foot capacity 1200 Series Patz Vertical Mixer. They are happy to report that the mixer is perfect for their operation, and is still meeting all of their feeding needs.

moen-2“Our mixer does a very good job of mixing both big and small batches, both bulky feeds and concentrated feeds,” stated Ron, “With our reel mixer, I couldn’t dump in a very large amount of feed at a time. With our Patz, I dump in whatever I want, and it’s gone; it’s mixing.” This flexibility is especially important during winter, when the family needs to mix a total of seven different batches.

Featuring a simple design with few moving parts, the 1200 Series Patz Vertical Mixer is engineered for long life and low maintenance. Ron stated, “It’s very well built, rugged and durable. And it’s very simple to run and adjust.”

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