“Feeding Time at Lisonbee Black Angus Ranch”lisonbe 1

Jim Lisonbee always had a desire to raise beef cattle.  In 1991, that dream became reality when he started with three registered Black Angus heifers on five acres, while working as a maintenance man for his church.  His operation, located in Roosevelt, UT, has now grown to over three hundred acres and approximately eighty pair of registered Black Angus and fifty plus calves every fall.  Thankfully he has the help of his wife, Lisa, and his six sons.  Not only has Jim’s herd grown, but Jim has also focused on creating newer and better genetics in his herd which provides semen and embryos for many different animal genetic companies for transplantation into other herds.  Lisonbee Angus Ranch has become a recognized Pure Breed Black Angus seed producer.
lisonbee 2Jim was introduced to the Patz mixers through a  neighboring elk operation.  He was impressed and  bought a Patz 1200 series 500 cu. ft. trailer mixer to  assist his calves in growing faster.  The assistance of t  the Patz mixer along with fantastic genetics has the  calves gaining four to five pounds a day and getting to  market quicker in better condition.  Jim was even able  to add more animals to his herd due to the ease of  mixing after he upgraded to the Patz mixer from mixing feed by hand in the tractor bucket!

Jim likes many features of his Patz mixer, especially the processing, “I do like the RAPTOR™ knife in the mixer.  It seems to process the (large square) bales quicker.”  The mixer can process the wet alfalfa bales, which Jim was unable to use as feed before his Patz mixer.  The wet alfalfa is very high in protein, which gives the calves a big growth lisonbe 3advantage.  The wider door opening on the mixer is also a favorable feature because the feed comes out of the mixer uniformly for the herd.  Jim also appreciates the durability and the highly accurate scale system. 

 Jim’s dealings with Agri-service, his local Patz dealership, have also been positive.  The pricing of the mixer was very good, and Trevor Thomas, their salesman, was very knowledgeable about running the equipment. Agri-service has also been helpful with any regular maintenance the equipment has needed.

The Patz 1200 series 500 mixer has been a reliable,  trustworthy machine for Jim, and a perfect fit for Lisonbee  Angus Ranch which is known around the U.S. as a breeder and  provider of top-rated Black Angus genetics. 


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