Mixes High Hay Rations Faster!

weymiller-1 Gary Weymiller is the fourth generation to own and operate Weymiller Farms in New Albin, Iowa. He runs a herd of 250 head from calf to finishing.

Feeding a quality, consistent ration is essential to maintaining high rates of gain. When Gary’s previous reel mixer wasn’t giving him the results he needed, he consulted his local Patz Dealer for a replacement. Gary purchased a 615 cubic foot Patz 1200 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer, which turned out to be the perfect feeding solution for Weymiller Farms.


Rates of gain have increased since Gary began feeding with his Patz mixer!

“We use a lot of hay in our beef ration, and our Patz mixes faster than our reel mixer. Plus, we have the ability to mix dry hay with our beef cow and finishing rations,” he stated.
Regardless of batch size or ration recipe, Patz Mixers blend all ingredients into a consistent, palatable TMR that cattle can’t get enough of. Since he switched from a reel mixer to his Patz Vertical, Gary said that his rates of gain have increased.

Another benefit he appreciates is the mixer’s excellent cleanout, as it has reduced waste and feed costs. With the feed, labor, and time savings, combined with higher rates of gain, Gary has noticed a significant increase in his bottom line. He couldn’t be happier about it, saying, “My Patz is a well-built machine. It’s been good for us!”

Seeing Is Believing!
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