“Mixes In Half The Time!”


Paul Riniker, Vice President of the National Farmers Organization and owner of a 1,250-head beef operation in Greeley, IA.

Vice President of the National Farmers Organization, Paul Riniker runs 1,250 beef cattle on two sites in Greeley, Iowa.

After constructing a new grower building, Paul knew it was time to purchase a better, larger mixer to feed his herd. Unsatisfied with the performance of a competitive brand mixer that he tried, Paul turned to his local Patz Mixer Dealer. He was happy to discover that Patz outperformed the first mixer he demoed. “I liked the Patz better. It does a better job of mixing,” he said. As a result, Paul purchased a 420 cubic foot Patz 1200 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer.

“My Patz mixes in half the time, which saves me fuel, time, and labor. Plus, it does a more thorough job mixing,” he said. Its fast, thorough mixing can be attributed to its Patent Pending Vortex® Screw. Featuring cupped flighting, this uniquely designed screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality.


Each day, 1,250 beef cattle count on this Patz Mixer to deliver a thorough, consistent TMR.

Another reason that Paul chose the Patz 1200 Series is its “heavy, rugged” design. He particularly appreciates the mixer’s thick sidewalls, constructed of 1/4″ steel for durability and longer life. For added tub strength, the sidewalls feature an overlapped design.
Based on time, labor, fuel, and feed savings, Paul expects a four-year payback period on his Patz Mixer.


Seeing Is Believing!
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