This Mixer Is In A League Of Its Own


Shane Elliott of Elliott Agriculture Pty. Ltd.

Shane and Jane Elliott own Elliott Agriculture Pty. Ltd., a cattle operation in Queensland, Australia. The Elliotts breed, background, and finish trade cattle on their 14,000 acre facility. The Elliott’s herd includes 300-400 breeders and additional store cattle; they typically run up to 1,000 adult equivalents (AE).

To ensure that they feed a well-balanced TMR, the Elliotts needed to find a top-quality mixer. In their pursuit to find the best fit for their operation, they researched, trialed, and inspected ten different mixers, including all of the major brands available in Australia. For the Elliotts, there was a clear winner: a Patz 1200 Series Trailer Single Screw Vertical Mixer. “For our particular requirements, the Patz 1200 Series Mixer is unparalleled in several regards,” said Shane.


One of the major reasons that the Elliotts chose Patz over the other mixer brands was that it had the shortest mixing time, especially when it came to processing their large round and square bales. Shane also commented on the “thoroughness” and “evenness” of the rations delivered by his Patz Mixer, regardless of batch size. “It does not matter whether full or partial loads are being undertaken, this mixer is in a league of its own when compared to competitors’ mixing abilities and mixing times,” Shane stated. A key contributor to the Patz 1200 Series Vertical Mixer’s fast mixing speed and high-quality TMR is its Patent Pending Vortex® Screw – designed to mix quickly without compromising mix quality.

Another selling point for the Elliotts was the “excellent build quality.” Simple in design with few moving parts, Patz Vertical Mixers are engineered for long life, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation. The Elliotts have peace of mind knowing that the Patz Vertical Mixer Series is equipped to meet their feeding needs now and in the years to come.

Update: The Elliotts recently contacted us to let us know how their 1200 Series Vertical Mixer is performing after 4 years of use. Shane and Jane shared, “Our Patz mixer is still going very strong and doing an excellent job. One of our friends has also recently purchased a 350 cubic foot Patz Mixer based on our recommendation.”

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