Patz 420 Mixer Helps Panamanian Farm Produce More Milk and Market Beef Quicker

Alexander Cedeno

When the Panamanian dairy industry collapsed in 2000, Alexander Cedeno and his father Alfredo were left with no choice but to liquidate their dairy herd and even sold their milking equipment. With the recent revitalization of the dairy and beef industry in Panama, the Cedeno’s (Fello E Hijos S,A. ranch) are once again focused on producing milk and raising beef.

When Alexander saw his first vertical mixer, he understood that this would be an essential tool for the new Panamanian cattleman. During a U.S. tour of new farming technologies, they saw a Patz Vertical Mixer in operation on a Central Wisconsin dairy. After a 3 hour trip to the Patz factory in Pound, Alexander and Alfredo toured the facility and received more information on the Patz 1200 Series 420 Vertical Mixer and what it could do for them. They chose to purchase the Patz 420 Mixer as their first investment in restarting their 140-cow dairy on Panama’s Pacific coast. “Farm prices for beef and dairy are reaching U.S. (parity) across Central America,” Alexander said. “To get the best price, we must produce more for the market in the dry winter.” The new Patz 420 Mixer will bring needed consistency to the rumen for improved milk yields and greater rates of gain in beef cattle.


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