The Right Mixer for All Wright Farms!


Lon Wright of All Wright Farms.

All Wright Farms has been family-operated since it was established over 130 years ago in Muncie, Indiana. Brothers Lon, Alan, Mark, and Vince Wright are the fourth generation to run the family-owned dairy.

The Wrights had been using a small horizontal mixer to process feed for their 200 milking cows, heifers, and calves. The time-consuming process required the pre-processing of hay before it could be added to the ration. After visiting their local Patz Dealer, the Wrights invested in a Patz 1200 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer, which proved to be a much better fit for their needs.

Featuring the Patent Pending Vortex® Screw, the Wrights’ Patz Mixer quickly blends the feed ingredients into a consistent, high quality TMR. Milk production went up by 8 pounds per cow after the Wrights changed their mixer and adjusted their ration!

In addition to increased milk production, the Wrights have also noticed feed and fuel savings. Their mixer’s two-speed gearbox allows Lon to shift between low and high gears while mixing. “I really like the two-speed gearbox. It saves fuel and reduces wear on my tractor. Plus, I get really good cleanout,” he said.

The Wrights chose to customize their Patz mixer with the Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnet to help remove tramp metal from their ration. The magnet has proven to be a very wise investment. Lon reported, “The tub magnet has caught roofing nails, broken sickle sections, and a mower knife,” adding, “If it saves one cow, it’s paid for itself.”

The Wrights have peace of mind knowing that they can count on their mixer for reliable, trouble-free performance.

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