Patz Mixer Serves Up Fruit, Veggies, And More!


Chris Muegge stands beside his custom painted Patz 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer.

Chris Muegge and his uncle Dana Caldwell feed around 1,000 beef steers and heifers at CGS Services in Morristown, Indiana. In addition to hay and silage, they also incorporate vegetable and fruit by-products from food processing plants into their cattle’s rations to help reduce costs. Since their ration averages 20-30% dry matter content, Chris and Dana require a feed mixer with the ability to handle a very wet product.

Their 950 cubic foot Patz 2400 Series II Trailer Twin Screw Vertical Mixer has proven to be well-equipped for the job. The mixer has delivered 8-10 loads of a consistent TMR every day since they purchased it in September of 2012.

Featuring Patent Pending Vortex® Screws and patented baffles, the Patz 2400 Series II is designed to mix quickly without compromising batch quality. It handles a wider variety of ingredients, including large hay bales and cost-effective alternative feeds. Regardless of batch size or ration recipe, the Patz Mixer blends all ingredients into a consistent, palatable TMR.

With the health and safety of their herd in mind, Chris and Dana invested in the Patz-exclusive Patent Pending tub mounted magnet as well as a discharge magnet for the end of the mixer’s incline conveyor. These magnets help capture any tramp metal that may be in the ration ingredients.

One feature that is extremely important to CGS Services is the Patz 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer’s two-speed gearbox, which provides the ability to shift between low gear for mixing rations and high gear for superior cleanout. Chris mentioned that he is pleased with how easy the gearbox is to work with and how well their mixer cleans out, especially when he is feeding very wet rations.

When they purchased the Patz 2400 Series II Twin Screw Vertical Mixer, Chris and Dana appreciated that Patz worked with them to customize the color of their mixer to match their company color: forest green.

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