Northern Lights Sees Superior Results!


Jorge Estrada and Andrew Holle with their Patz 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer

Fourth-generation farmer Andrew Holle and his family operate Northern Lights Dairy in Mandan, North Dakota. Andrew was using a 615 cubic foot Patz Vertical Mixer to feed his herd, but after quadrupling the number of cows in his care, he knew it was time to upgrade his feeding method.

Andrew needed a mixer that could handle a greater capacity. After a positive experience with his first Patz Vertical Mixer, Andrew purchased a larger mixer from the Patz brand, a 2400 Series II Trailer Twin Screw Vertical Mixer.

Since purchasing the 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer, Andrew has reduced the number of loads he mixes each day, which has also helped improve his feed shrinkage. Andrew says that his new mixer saves the dairy about three hours a day in feeding time!

northernlights-2One of the reasons that Andrew would recommend the mixer, which he called “an excellent product”, is the quality of the Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnets. He comments that the magnet is “very easy to clean and won’t come off during mixing.” In comparison, he says, “other magnets really don’t work.”

Thanks to his new Patz Mixer, Andrew is saving time, getting more mileage out of his feed, and delivering a superior TMR to his herd. In fact, he is so satisfied with his purchase, he says that even if he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing!

Seeing Is Believing!
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