Alsteen Mixer Testimonials

Mike Alsteen and wife Pam are 4th generation farmers on their Wisconsin dairy. In 1993, Mike took over the farm from his parents, Harvey and Marian. At that time, the farm was milking 80 cows. Now, 25 years later, Mike and Pam have expanded the operation to 875 head.

The Alsteen’s have a Patz 2400 Series II 810 Vertical Mixer. The performance of the mixer is something Mike noticed right away, saying, “It has been reliable and gives us a thorough mix day after day.” Patz exclusive Balanced Flow™ Technology works to create the perfection ration of vertical mixing and horizontal processing. The system ensures that each cow will get the same bite no matter where they are on the line. Mike likes his mixer stating, “It has given us consistent loads of mixed feeds every time.” There has been an increase in the herd’s milk production, and Mike expects the payback period for the machine to be 3-4 years.

Mike and Pam’s local dealer, P & D Sales & Service is a friendly and reliable dealership. Mike said, “The dealer service has been excellent.” He would recommend Patz products and his local Patz dealer to anyone who asks.


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