Reaping the Fruits of a Patz Mixer

Ferme CMJI Robert is an apple and grape producer located in the municipality of Rougemont, Quebec. One of their specialty products is applesauce for commercial markets. Recently, the agri-business approached their local Patz Dealer and composting specialist, Groupe Commercial Paul Larouche Inc. of Cowansville, to help them with a new venture: composting.

otss0029-1 Pulpy waste from the applesauce-making process is mixed with sawdust and poultry litter by a 140 cu. ft. Patz 400 Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer. The mixed product is conveyed via a Patz 162-A Conveyor to an in-vessel composter, supplied by Groupe Commercial Paul Larouche Inc. Here, the mixture is processed, killing pathogens while retaining valuable nutrients. A second 162-A Conveyor transfers the compost to a portable container for application.

otss0029-2At the end of this 7-10 day process and a curing period to finish the compost, Ferme CMJI Robert has an eco-friendly, nutrient-rich fertilizer for their grape vineyards. The compost is placed at the base of the vines to provide nutrients and retain moisture for better growth in sandy soil.

Prior to this installation, they were paying disposal fees for the apple waste and purchasing fertilizer. With these cost savings, they anticipate a full return on their investment within five years.


As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.