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Patz Dealer Brian Wellman (left), along with Clifford Moss (center) and Jerry VanWie (right).

Jerry VanWie has been farming on his 450-acre property in Canisteo, New York, since 1952. In 1988, Cliff Moss began working with Jerry in dairy and crop farming. Together the men have a combined head of 100 dairy cows.

When the time came to replace their old TMR mixer, Jerry and Cliff contacted their local Patz Dealer to help them find the right mixer for their particular needs. They looked at a variety of models and sizes before deciding on the 180 cubic foot Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer. They run their new mixer with a 10 horsepower motor, which quickly mixes their ration, saving them more time during the feeding process.

“The Patz mixer delivers a better, more consistent ration in a shorter time than our old mixer,” said Cliff. He added that the larger size of their stationary vertical mixer also makes it more convenient for them to mix up an extra batch after the morning feeding to feed their herd later in the evening.

Jerry and Cliff are so pleased with the performance of their Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer that they would recommend it to others who are looking to invest in a vertical mixer for their farms. They especially like that Patz Vertical Mixers have fewer moving parts for less maintenance and are made in the USA.

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