Consistent Mix From Start To Finish!


Debbie and Ray Detweiler with their Patz 400 Series Vertical Mixer.

Debbie and Ray Detweiler of Perkasie, Pennsylvania are the fourth generation to operate Deep Run Dairy, which has been in operation for over 100 years. The Detweilers’ Holstein herd currently consists of 90 cows and 90 replacement heifers.

To maintain their high-producing herd, the Detweilers focus on providing high-quality care from day one. Always looking to improve their dairy, Debbie and Ray sought out a new TMR mixer that would allow them to incorporate more hay into their ration. They visited their local Patz Dealer for assistance, and in September 2009, the Detweilers purchased a Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer with optional steel side extensions, providing a total mixing capacity of 240 cubic feet.

“Our previous mixer would not handle much hay, and the hay came out unevenly in the ration. With the Patz, the mix is consistent from start to finish,” said Ray. In addition, he noted that his new Patz saves on time and energy.

Seeing Is Believing!
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