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Pine Ridge Farm’s Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer.

Nathanael Martin and his family milk 44 cows at Pine Ridge Farm. The Martins have operated the Penn Yan, New York dairy since December 2009.

After building a new barn, Nathanael decided it was time to purchase a new mixer to feed his herd. With the help of his local Patz Dealer, Nathanael invested in a 200 cubic foot capacity Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer.

Thanks to its superior mixing performance, Nathanael’s new mixer enables him to feed faster, saving them valuable time and labor. He said, “I like the flexibility to mix hay into the ration. Plus, I don’t need to process the hay before mixing. The Patz cut my feeding time in half.”

Prior to switching to a Patz mixer, the farm’s average milk production was 70-75 pounds per cow; after the move, production shot up to 82 pounds per cow! Nathanael attributes much of the increase to the palatable, consistent TMR his new Patz Mixer delivers. Pine Ridge Farm now has a rolling herd average of 22,000 pounds.

After experiencing such impressive results, Nathanael has already begun recommending Patz Vertical Mixers to fellow farmers. “I am happy with the new system. It is a rugged, simple machine,” he stated.

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