“Now We Can Add Long-Stemmed Hay To our Ration!”


Joe Matczak (left) and Patz Dealer Paul Anderson.

For the past 41 years, Bernard and Pat Matczak have owned and operated Fairview Dairy in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. Operating the dairy with help from their son, Joe, the Matczaks milk 100 cows and have a total herd size of 250 head on their 600-acre operation.

With many years of dairying experience, Bernard and Joe know the importance of a reliable feeding method. When it came time to replace their old mixer, the Matzaks contacted their local Patz dealer. Fairview Dairy’s herd now depends on a 200 cubic foot Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer to deliver their TMR.

Patz mixers are known for their ability to process a variety of feedstuffs into a consistent, nutritious ration. According to Joe, “We also have the ability to add long-stemmed hay to our ration and can process it to our liking.”

The design of the 400 Series Vertical Mixer also was a key factor in the Matczaks’ decision to purchase a Patz mixer. “The unit is very simple with few moving parts, which should lead to less downtime and repair costs in the future,” said Joe.

Since their installation, the Matczaks have seen a considerable increase in mixing and discharging speed. By saving 20 minutes per day of run time, Joe reports, “we’ve cut our mixing time in half.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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