Patz Run Time Is Less Than Half That Of Previous Mixer!

Daryl & Karen O’Hearn, own and operate their family’s dairy in Cato, WI. Home to 110 milking cows and 130 heifers, this family farm has been in operation for almost a century.

Daryl and Karen had been using a competitor’s brand reel mixer to feed their herd before switching to a Patz Vertical Mixer. In 2008, the O’Hearns replaced their old unit with a 240 cubic foot capacity Patz 400 Stationary Vertical Mixer. Since the switch, the O’Hearn family has experienced impressive results!

“The Patz mixes fast and thoroughly. It does a great job on hay, and has excellent clean-out,” Daryl reported. Daryl reported that overall herd health has improved and DAs have decreased since they began mixing with Patz. Their milk production has increased by two pounds per cow!

The benefits don’t stop there. Daryl remarked, “We’ve noticed a savings on our electric bill with our new mixer. Our Patz doesn’t need to run during filling and it mixes fast afterwards, cutting our mixer run time to less than half of our old mixer,” Daryl remarked. In addition to energy savings, the fast mixing speed decreases time and labor, a goal that all farmers strive for.

Seeing Is Believing!
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