Mix Bigger Batches In Less Time!

Brendon Martin owns Kendig Stream Farm in Waterloo, New York. Brendon, the second generation to operate the family dairy, has a herd of 80 dairy cows.

In the past, Brendon had been using a mixer cart to feed his forages. The mixing process involved moving the cart back and forth between various locations for loading, which was very labor intensive. Determined to find a more efficient way to feed his herd, Brendon paid a visit to his local Patz Dealer. Based on their recommendation, Brendon invested in a 200 cubic foot Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer to meet his farm’s feeding needs.

Brendon opted to add steel side extensions to his new mixer, which increased his mixing capacity to 240 cubic feet! Now that he can process large batches quickly, he is saving valuable time and labor. “I mix just under 4,000 pounds per batch twice daily. It takes a lot less time because we can mix bigger batches in one location,” he stated, “It mixes very well and doesn’t leave clumps. We have more uniform feeding and consistent length of dry hay.” The palatable, well-blended mix produced helps to reduce sorting so cows consume a more nutritious ration.

“We expect our payback period to be one year from milk production alone, not including labor savings. We’ve gone from 60-65 pounds to 85 pounds per cow, partially due to the great results of our mixer,” said Brendon.

The Patz400 Series Vertical Mixer has low horsepower requirements. Brendon reports that he only needs to run his mixer on low for twenty minutes using a single 10 horsepower motor to get the great results he’s come to expect from his Patz Vertical Mixer.

Seeing Is Believing!
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