“Old School” Mixer Is Replaced By New Technology From Patz!


Bill Jones, Farm Operator at the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Farm, with Patz Dealer Mark Knepper.

The Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, strives to maintain state-of-the-art research facilities for faculty and students. When the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Farm needed to replace their old tumble mixer, the University knew they would need a feed mixer capable of handling the versatile feed requirements for 60 dairy cows, approximately 40 to 50 beef cows, and 250 to 400 sheep.

After researching the available options, Bill Jones, Farm Operator, found that a Patz Vertical Mixer would be the best investment for their facility. The University staff agreed, citing the mixer’s ability to handle a wide variety of feedstuffs and also that the 200 cubic foot vertical mixer was compact enough to fit in their feedroom.

The University quickly installed a new Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer. They opted to install doors on both sides of their mixer, allowing the feed to discharge on one side while staff could remove feed samples from the opposite door.


“We like the convenience of the second door for taking samples or taking out small batches to feed at other locations,” says Bill.

Another benefit of this Patz mixer is that it runs very efficiently using 3-phase power and a 20 HP motor. The University appreciates that the “heavy built” design of their Patz 400 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer ensures they will always have the proven performance expected of a Patz mixer.

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