No More Grinding Hay For This Beef Operation!

Stewart Mitchell recently purchased a Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer for his beef operation, Mitchell Ranch, located in Pettibone, North Dakota.


Stewart is amazed by the performance of his new 620 cubic foot Vertical Mixer and its ability to handle round bales of all sizes, including the ranch’s 1,400 pound round bales. He states, “The mixing ability of this wagon is unbelievable! Our 1,400 pound hay bales are dumped in whole and mixed 100% with the silage in approximately 5 minutes. The cows consistently clean up the ration 99% of the time.”

Since switching to the Patz Vertical Mixer, Stewart has saved hay and eliminated grinding from his feeding routine. He shares, “The savings in hay are 3 bales per day for our beef herd… 110 days, with 3 bales per day at $40 each, yields $13,200 in savings.”

Stewart concludes, “Patz promised a lot of performance and savings, and the Patz 620 delivered …with value of cattle and feed. Patz will definitely add to our bottom line!”


Seeing Is Believing!
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