Automation & Innovation Fuel Expansion of Century-Old Family Farm

Wichman mixer

Patz Dealer Paul Anderson (P&D Sales & Services, LLC), poses with Mark Wichman, Brad Wichman, & Bruce Wichman next to their Patz Vertical Mixer.

Established in 1916 on just 117 acres, the addition of labor-saving equipment has allowed Wichman Farms, Inc. to expand multiple times, while still being operated exclusively by family members.

Three generations are currently active on the Wisconsin dairy, which has grown to include 718 acres and 510 total head. The family’s fresh cows reside in a recently-constructed freestall barn, where they enjoy the comfort of sand-bedded stalls, the convenience of on-demand robotic milking units, and the consistency of a high-quality TMR diet, delivered by a Patz Vertical Mixer.

Having relied on the Proven Performance of Patz feed- and manure-handling equipment since 1969, the dairy did not hesitate to purchase an 800 Series Patz Vertical Mixer for their new facility. The 620 cubic foot capacity mixer offers feeding flexibility, producing a palatable, nutritious ration from a wide variety of feedstuffs. In addition to time and labor savings, the Wichmans have seen a 10 lb/cow/day improvement in milk production since switching to the new mixer in the new facility!

With a long history of proven performance on their dairy, the Wichmans are not shy about giving credit where due. “When deciding on changes to our operation, labor savings is our main consideration,” brothers Mark and Bruce Wichman share. “The Patz equipment has done the job in that department.”



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