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Buddy (left) and Pat Geiger of Tri-County Farms

Brothers Patrick & Bernard (Buddy) Geiger custom raise about 1,000 heifers at Tri-County Farms in Brillion, Wisconsin. The brothers are the third generation of Geigers to operate the family farm since it’s purchase in 1947. While the brother started out as dairy farmers, they now focus on custom-raising heifers for neighboring farms.

The Geigers strive to maintain a high “rate of gain” on their heifers, which generally range from 400-500 pounds upon arrival at their farm. The brothers feed a ration that contains a wide variety of roughage, including the occasional bale of swamp grass. Unhappy with the performance, continual maintenance, and high horsepower requirements of their old mixer, the Geigers purchased a 620 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer to better suit their needs.

Pat and Buddy have seen many benefits of owning a Patz mixer. The consistent blend produced allows the brother to incorporate a wider variety of ingredients and alternative feeds into their ration without worrying about sorting or refusals by the livestock. Additionally, the Geigers are pleased with the low horsepower requirements. “We really like the low HP required,” stated Buddy, “Lower HP tractors are more economical to operate and this really adds up over time.”

Pat added, “First time conception rates have increased dramatically.” He attributes this increase in part to the superior mix quality and consistency provided by their new mixer. The Geigers are pleased with the return on their investment since purchasing their Patz Vertical Mixer.

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