Fast Mixing Saves Time And Fuel!


Jeff Jernstadt (left) and his father, Bill Jernstadt, are all smiles about the fuel and time they save with their Patz Vertical Mixer.

Bill Jernstadt milks 250 cows at Jernstadt Dairy in Big Rapids, Michigan. His son Jeff helps with the farm chores, which including caring for the Jernstadt’s 200 dry cows and heifers.

When he was ready to purchase a new mixer, Bill knew he needed one that could handle rations for his expanding herd. After researching several different brands of mixers, he felt that a 620 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer was the right choice for his current and future needs.

Bill’s investment began paying off right away. In addition to both time and fuel savings, Bill comments that his Patz Vertical Mixer has good cleanout, which reduces the chances of contamination between batches. He also likes how well the discharge magnet works to pick up metal that gets into the ration. Healthy cows mean less vet bills and good milk production, which in turn leads to a more profitable dairy operation.

Bill is also seeing an increase in milk production due to the well-blended TMR ration produced by his Patz Vertical Mixer.

Overall, Jernstadt Dairy’s experience with the 800 Series Twin Screw has been very good! Bill says he would certainly recommend a Patz Vertical Mixer to others.

Seeing Is Believing!
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