Switched to Patz And Haven’t Looked Back!


A.J. Burkholder with his Patz Vertical Mixer.

Looking for a mixer that was equipped to handle hay without requiring pre-processing, A.J. Burkholder of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania purchased a 620H Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer. His only regret? That he didn’t purchase it sooner.

Prior to replacing his old reel mixer, A.J. was renting a grinder to pre-process hay for his ration. Between rental costs, fuel expenses, and dust issues, he decided this feeding method would not be a permanent solution for his 177 dairy cows.

Since purchasing his Patz mixer, A.J. and his rented grinder have parted ways. With no need to pre-process hay, he can now blend all of his ration ingredients, including corn silage, dry hay, haylage, grain, and whey. Plus, he has reduced over-processing.

According to A.J., this well-blended, palatable ration has resulted in less sorting and increased intakes. Due to better nutrition, he is happy to report a herd average of 80 pounds of milk per cow on twice a day milking.

Seeing Is Believing!
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