The Cows Are Eating Better, Milk Production Has Increased!


Derrick Glaude (left) and Patz Dealer Chet Lodell stand by the proven performance of the Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer.

Derrick Glaude relies on a Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer for his dairy operation’s feeding needs. Derrick milks 140 cows at Glaude’s Riverview Farm, located in Ellenburg Center, New York.

Since switching to the Patz mixer, Derrick has saved time, labor and fuel! The 620 cubic foot mixer quickly produces a thorough, consistent Total Mixed Ration that eliminates sorting.

Derrick believes the overall health of his herd has improved because of the well-mixed ration the cows are now eating. He is very happy with the performance of his Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer. He verifies, “The cows are eating better and milk production per cow has increased.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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