Patz Vertical Mixer Is ‘Well Worth The Investment’


Ian Smith of Queensland, Australia counts on his Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer to feed his herd of dairy cows and beef steers.

Ian and Betty Smith of Queensland, Australia count on their Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer to feed their herd. The Smiths raise 200 dairy cows and 50 beef steers at their operation, Kadjadi, which spans a total of 340 acres.

The Smiths knew they needed to find a more efficient way to feed their growing herd. They found just what they were looking for in the Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer. Ian and Betty equipped their new 620 cubic foot capacity mixer with a rear commodity door, which allows them to back into narrow spaces for easy emptying.

The Smiths soon discovered that their new Patz Mixer was well worth the initial investment. Ian said, “Our Patz Mixer mixes in half the time of our old mixer. We’ve halved our labor costs.” Further cutting feed costs, Patz Mixers reduce waste associated with refusals. According to Ian, “We have better feed usage as all products used are thoroughly blended. There is no sorting.”


The Smiths’ Patz mixer produces a consistent TMR with feed ingredients that include Rhodes grass hay bales, potatoes, biscuit dough, and urea.

A high-quality TMR is essential to herd health and, ultimately, a farm’s bottom line. The Smiths have experienced the difference that a Patz Vertical Mixer can make first-hand. “Production has increased. Butterfat is up. Protein is good,” Ian reported.

Ian and Betty are so impressed by their Patz Vertical Mixer that in addition to recommending Patz to other farmers, the couple invites prospective customers to view a demo at their farm!

Seeing Is Believing!
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