The Versatility We Need!


Eighth-generation farmer Alan Lendrum with his oldest daughter, Elizabeth.

Alan Lendrum is the eighth generation to farm on his ancestor’s farm! Originally established in 1787, the former dairy is now home to beef cattle. Alan and his wife Jackie run a cow-calf operation, raising their cattle from calves to finish weight. Lendrum Farm is home to 65 cows, 40 feeder cattle, and 40-50 finishing steers.

The family previously relied on a Patz Horizontal Mixer to produce a high-quality TMR for their herd. When the farm’s growth prompted the need for a bigger mixer, the Lendrums decided to go vertical with a 350 cubic foot capacity Patz 800 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer!

The Lendrums couldn’t be more pleased with their new mixer and its ability to mix a wider variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds. “We like the versatility to use a wide assortment of feeds – baleage, corn silage, bread, dry round bale hay, and high moisture corn. Plus, now we can incorporate long stemmed hay into our rations,” Alan said.


Lendrum Farm has been recognized as a National Bicentennial Farm.


Due to fast mixing and a quick discharge, the Lendrums are experiencing time and labor savings. According to Alan, “We’ve simplified our feeding time. It mixes completely in five minutes.”

The Lendrum family has peace of mind knowing that their Patz Mixer features a simple design, engineered for long life with low maintenance and trouble-free operation. As Alan stated, “Our Patz Mixer is built very well. It’s designed to last a long time.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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