“We’re Saving Hay And Time”


Estelle, Kerry, and Stephen McDonald raise 300-600 beef cattle on their feedlot in New South Wales, Australia.

Stephen and Kerry McDonald, with the help of their daughter Estelle, raise anywhere from 300 to 600 head of beef cattle at a time on their farm in New South Wales, Australia.

To keep their cattle in top condition, the McDonalds decided that it was time to modernize their feeding method. This led them to purchase a Patz 800 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer from their local Patz Distributor. The 350 cubic foot capacity Patz mixer has allowed Stephen and Kerry to save time, labor, and feed.

Patz Vertical Mixers deliver a thorough, consistent TMR that discourages cattle from sorting and wasting feed. The McDonalds enjoy the added flexibility to process a variety of feed ingredients, including less expensive alternatives. The mixer’s superior cleanout also helps reduce waste and feed costs. According to Stephen, “We’re saving hay and time, and we’re getting better results with the cattle.”

Designed for peace of mind, Patz Vertical Mixers are engineered with few moving parts for low maintenance and dependable performance. “I’ve talked to a lot of people with horizontal mixers, and I’m so pleased we don’t have one. We’ve never needed a thing since we purchased our Patz Vertical Mixer,” said Stephen.

After seeing such great results, the McDonalds won’t hesitate to recommend a Patz Vertical Mixer to other prospective buyers. According to Stephen, “I’m very happy with this mixer. If for some reason I had to buy another mixer, I’d look first to Patz.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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