Bottom Line: Patz Vertical Mixer Increases Profits


Rob Klinkner poses with his 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

Rob Klinkner of Viroqua, Wisconsin, currently milks 65 cows on his dairy.

Rob had never invested in a feed mixer until he purchased a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Trailer Vertical Mixer. Klinkner chose the Patz mixer because “it is more diverse than a reel or auger mixer. I am able to do bedding also.”

He quickly found that he saved significant time and feed by using his Patz mixer. Most importantly, he found that milk production increased. “The bottom line is to increase profit,” said Rob, adding that he is now able to do this thanks to his new vertical mixer.

As a first-time mixer owner, Rob was hesitant about the maintenance involved with owning this type of machine. He was pleased to find that the Patz was “a very simple mixer. There are few moving parts, making maintenance easier than expected.”

Seeing is Believing!
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