“I Couldn’t Milk The Cows Without It!”


Creighton Barker has seen great returns since investing in a Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer!

Creighton Barker has been farming for the past 40 years in Orangeville, Illinois. He currently milks 60 cows. When Creighton decided to purchase a mixer for his hungry herd of 60 cows, he knew he wouldn’t go wrong with a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Trailer Vertical Mixer. Creighton was very pleased with the performance and the design of the mixer, saying, “It is big enough to feed the cows but compact enough for getting around the farm.”

Creighton was also impressed with the versatility of his new mixer, adding “I’m able to put big round bales in and it processes them no problem.” In addition to feeding, he uses his Patz mixer for processing bedding. According to Creighton, “It chews up the corn stalk bales we use for bedding the cows. It processes the bedding so that the manure spreader has less work to do.”

Perhaps most importantly, Creighton has noticed a measureable increase in milk production. “My cows are up 600 pounds on 60 cows,” he said.

Creighton has seen a great return on his investment and now relies on his Patz Vertical Mixer to ensure his success in dairy farming. He stated, “I love the mixer! I couldn’t milk the cows without it!”

Seeing is Believing!
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