Increased Palatability, Less Leftovers!


Brian, Matt, and Larry Stark love the quick and thorough mix from their Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

Second-generation farmer Larry Stark and his son Matt own a family dairy farm in Sparta, Wisconsin, where they milk 120 cows.

Unhappy with the performance of their previous competitive brand mixer, the Starks decided it was time to invest in a quality vertical mixer. After consulting with their local Patz Dealer, the Starks decided to purchase a 270 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer. The Starks also took advantage of the financing offered through Stearns Bank NA, a Patz financial services partner, which allows the Starks to make affordable monthly payments on their purchases.

Matt also elected to add a five foot discharge to his mixer in order to get the loads to the center of the bunk. He has noticed that “the discharge doesn’t rub underneath like our old mixer.” Matt also was impressed by the hay chain. He said, “The hay chain is great. With the old mixer, it would spit the hay all over the place. The Patz holds it all in. It does a great job, chewing up the hay and mixing.”

In addition, the cows have been cleaning up the feed better due to the increased palatability of the mix. Since the Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer creates a total mixed ration, cows are less likely to pick through their feed.

Matt’s cousin Brian Stark, who handles most of the feeding on the dairy, remarked, “I love the mixer. It mixes much more quickly than our old one.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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