“It Does A Better Job Mixing!”


Jim Sacker saves time and has increased production since investing in a Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

Jim Sacker owns and operates a 185-acre dairy farm in Monroe, Wisconsin where he milks 100 cows. Jim is the third generation of Sackers on this farm.

When it was time to replace his old stationary reel mixer, Jim decided to demo a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer. He was impressed with the mixer’s performance and opted to purchase it.

Jim has found that the Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer “does a better job mixing and allows me to add hay that I couldn’t before.” According to Jim, his Patz mixer grinds hay up more efficiently than his previous mixer did. “I can feed the cows five minutes faster than I could with my old machine,” he said. He is now able to feed just once a day, saving him time and money.

Since purchasing his Patz, his cows are up on milk. Jim’s herd is ranked 23rd in the county for milk production, despite having the youngest herd in Monroe County.

Seeing is Believing!
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