Mixes Fast, Saves On Fuel

thomas-1David Thomas is the second generation to farm on the Thomas family dairy in Norwalk, Wisconsin. His 250 acre certified organic dairy is home to a herd of 65 dairy cows.

As an organic dairy, feed expenses add up quickly, so it is vital to have a quality feed mixer to ensure the perfect ration is delivered every time. When David decided to replace his old reel mixer, he contacted his local Patz dealer for an on-farm demo. Impressed with what he saw, he leased a 270 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

David likes the efficiency of his new mixer, stating, “The Patz mixes the feed fast and has reduced our mixing time. Now the tractor runs less so we save on wear and fuel.”

He also likes that he can put frozen chunks into the vertical mixer without worrying about bending a bar or rolling over the flighting like he did with his old reel mixer.

“We’re very happy with the performance of our Patz mixer – Patz makes good equipment!” said David.

Seeing is believing!
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