Move Up In Production: Get Vertical With Patz!


Brett and Ray Runde are all smiles since they purchased their Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

Greg Runde and his son Brett are the third and fourth generation to operate on their 310-acre family farm in Cuba City, Wisconsin. The Rundes have 110 milking cows, and a total herd count of 300 head.

The Rundes had been feeding with a Patz horizontal mixer for several years, and when the needed to upgrade they turn to their local Patz Dealer, who showed the Rundes the benefits of a Patz Vertical Mixer. Only two days after doing an on-farm demonstration, the Rundes purchased their 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer.

The Rundes have seen great results since purchasing their vertical mixer. Brett appreciates that he can process hay and use a variety of feedstuffs. He said, “The feed is fluffy, and the cows are really cleaning it up.” Brett also commented that they have not had a single DA. In addition to healthier cows, the Rundes have seen an increase in milk production by 1-2 pounds per cow with their new vertical mixer.

Brett is thrilled that he the opportunity to do a demo. “I probably wouldn’t have bought a machine that I couldn’t have seen or tried,” he remarked. In addition to Patz mixers, the Rundes have also purchased Patz conveyors. Brett summed it all up: “Patz makes good equipment!”

Seeing Is Believing!
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