“Production Went Up By As Much As 12 Pounds Per Cow!”


Doug and Dillon Breyer, with Patz Dealer Tim Rew.

Doug and Cindy Breyer of Birnamwood, Wisconsin own Breyer Dairy. The couple, along with their sons Dillon and Derek, milk 45 cows on the family dairy.

The Breyers expect only the best for their herd – especially when it comes to feeding time. When they began looking for a new mixer, they headed to their local Patz Dealer and purchased a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer.

The Breyers are pleased with how quickly their new mixer blends all of their feed ingredients into a thorough, consistent TMR. “The mixer has allowed us to control what the cows eat. They don’t get to pick and choose anymore,” Doug said. Minimized sorting and fewer refusals mean cows eat better and waste less feed. Patz Vertical Mixers also discharge fast and provide superior cleanout. Doug reports, “The mixer really cleans out well with very little left inside.”

Feeding a better ration to the herd has made a significant impact on milk production. According to Dillon, “Production went up by as much as 12 pounds per cow! It has held at an average of 10 pounds per cow for over a year now.”

Seeing Is Believing!
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