We Gained 3-5 Pounds Almost Immediately!

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Patz Dealer John Gottbrath (left) with Junior Shirk of Whispering Pines Dairy.

Mahlon Shirk and his son Junior, own and operate Whispering Pine Dairy in Elkhart, Indiana. The Shirks milk 80 cows on their dairy.

After seeing several years of good results from their Patz horizontal mixer, Whispering Pines Dairy went vertical! The Shirks traded their old horizontal mixer for a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer. With their Patz Vertical Mixer, the Shirks are able to process a wider variety of feedstuffs, including big square bales and corn silage. The men have seen great improvements in their herd, especially their dry cows, with the addition of these ingredients to their ration.

“We were surprised with the change in the dry cows,” states Junior, “The ability to add hay to their ration had them eating better. They got back into the flow quickly after freshening and were milking better right away.”

With the Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixer, Junior said they gained about 3-5 pounds per cow per day almost immediately. The Shirks credit the improvements in appearance and overall herd health to the better nutrition received by mixing their feed with a Patz mixer.

Seeing Is Believing!
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