We’re Up 10 Pounds Of Milk Per Cow!

miller-1Matt and Nicole Miller milk 78 cows on their rented farm in Platteville, Wisconsin. When Matt and Nicole decided to invest in a mixer, they contacted their local Patz dealer for assistance. They chose a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Single Screw Vertical Mixer to feed their herd. One of the main reasons for purchasing the Patz mixer was the simplicity of the product. “There are less moving parts and less maintenance on the vertical,” Matt commented.

The Millers are pleased with the performance of their Patz mixer. “Now, we can put baleage in our mixer. Our previous mixer wouldn’t handle long-stem forages,” Matt said. They are also enjoying the quick processing that the Patz 800 Series offers – their square baleage bales only take 3 minutes to process!

The Millers have enjoyed an excellent return on their investment. Matt said, “We have gone up 10 pounds of milk per cow since moving to our new farm, due in part to the new mixer and its ability to add baleage to the ration.”

Seeing is Believing!
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