Processes Baleage And Long Hay With Ease!


Larry Voigts and son Matt are impressed with the variety of feedstuffs they can use in their Patz 800 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer.

For the past 30 years, Larry Voigts, and his son Matt, have been operating their dairy farm in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Recently, Larry decided to find a new mixer to feed his 72 cows. After contacting his local Patz Dealer, Larry opted to purchase a 350 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer.

Patz Vertical Mixers are designed to create a total mixed ration, which prevents cows from picking through their feed. Larry has found his new mixer creates “a very consistent mix.” He has also discovered that his Patz Stationary Vertical Mixer allows him to speed up his mixing process.

Larry is pleased with the vast variety of feedstuffs that his Patz mixer is able to work with. “I can use a lot of baleage in my mix now. I couldn’t do that much baleage in my old mixer. I can even process long hay,” said Larry.

In fact, he was so impressed by his new Patz mixer that he recommended it to another farmer. He remarked, “I talked to a farmer about my mixer. Now he bought a Patz 800 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer for his farm!”

Seeing Is Believing!
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